ALFA ROMEO 105 and 115 Series (1962-1993)


In this website there are all the information about the Alfa Romeo 105 and 115 Series. Technical data of the different versions, models, chassis numbers, type of engine, to assist with individual vehicle identification produced between 1962 and 1993. You can also consult the Spare Parts Catalogues with the original partnumbers of spare parts, or the available Owner's and Repair Manuals.


Catalogo Rapido Ricambi 1974 Completato

Digitalizzato il CRR 1974
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Dopo una lunga attività di conversione del Catalogo Rapido Ricambi Alfa Romeo del 1974, dove ...

Spare Parts Catalogues

Catalogo Rapido GIULIA-1750-2000 1974

Rapido GIULIA-1750-2000 1974

Catalogo 2000 GTV e Spider Veloce

2000 GTV e Spider Veloce

Catalogo Campinario Colori 1972

Campinario Colori 1972

Catalogo 1750 GT e Spider

1750 GT e Spider

Catalogo Parti Frenanti ATE

Parti Frenanti ATE

Catalogo GIULIA TI e GIULIA Super


Catalogo GT 1300 Junior

GT 1300 Junior

Catalogo Spider 1300 Junior

Spider 1300 Junior

Catalogo Spider 1300 Junior Tedesco

Spider 1300 Junior Tedesco

Catalogo Spider 1300 Junior Francese

Spider 1300 Junior Francese

Catalogo Spider 1300 Junior Inglese

Spider 1300 Junior Inglese

Catalogo Spider 1600

Spider 1600

Catalogo Spider 1600 Inglese

Spider 1600 Inglese

Catalogo Colour Chart 1969

Colour Chart 1969

Catalogo Tavola Colori 1966-1967

Tavola Colori 1966-1967

Catalogo Tavola Colori 1968

Tavola Colori 1968

Owner's Manuals

Catalogo GIULIA 1600 TI


Catalogo 2000 Berlina

2000 Berlina

Catalogo 2000 GTV

2000 GTV

Catalogo 2000 Models 1974

2000 Models 1974

Catalogo GIULIA 1300 Super

GIULIA 1300 Super

Catalogo GIULIA Super


Catalogo Spider Junior 1300 e  1600

Spider Junior 1300 e 1600

Catalogo Giulia Super Variante Telaio 1.875.001

Giulia Super Variante Telaio 1.875.001

Catalogo Montreal


Catalogo 1750 Berlina EN

1750 Berlina EN

Catalogo Spider 1600 DE 1966

Spider 1600 DE 1966

Catalogo Spider 1300 Junior 1968

Spider 1300 Junior 1968

Workshop Manuals

Catalogo Giulia TI - Sprint GT - TI Super

Giulia TI - Sprint GT - TI Super

Catalogo Giulia TI - Sprint GT - TI Super FR

Giulia TI - Sprint GT - TI Super FR

Catalogo Giulia TI - Sprint GT - TI Super UK

Giulia TI - Sprint GT - TI Super UK

Catalogo Spider III Serie 1989

Spider III Serie 1989

Catalogo Spider IV Serie Complemento 1990

Spider IV Serie Complemento 1990

History of the Alfa Romeo Giulia model 105

In the early sixties Alfa Romeo worked on the model to replace the successful Giulietta series, the "girlfriend of Italy", had opened the doors of the high-end three-volume sedan cars, appealing to an ever-widening audience of buyers in Italy of the economic boom.



Giulietta Sprint

Giulietta Sprint

Giulietta Spider

Giulietta Spider

The new project for the future sedan was entrusted to the same team that had achieved the previous post-war successes, The 1900 and the Giulietta. As manager of the project was chosen Eng. Orazio Satta Puliga, who was appointed as Central Director from 1959. The rest of the group was made up of the best technicians that the factory of Portello could boast:

the genial Eng. Giuseppe Busso, Ivo Colucci, Livio Nicolis and Giuseppe Scarnati. Only goal was the realization of the three-volume car that would have to compete and win the competition Internal and foreign. The basic idea was to bring Giulietta's success to much higher levels and reach a much wider audience than buyers.

The number of cars that were to be realized and of course selling were much more than in the past, in order to meet the future demands of style, performance and comfort of Italian and foreign motorists that the economic recovery had made potential buyers.

Orazio Satta Puliga

Orazio Satta Puliga

Busso 1900 Nicolis Colucci

Busso - Nicolis - Colucci

Nicolis Scarnati Busso

Nicolis - Scarnati - Busso

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